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I am Layla Kosima, a photographer, porn director, and sex worker. My work stands as a vibrant testament to the misunderstood and often criticised community that I am a part of. In a world where the queer kink scene and the sex industry remain subjects of heated debate, my art serves as a bold and unapologetic voice for those who deserve to be heard.


An aspect of my work that particularly resonates with me, are the images that depict the vulnerability experienced by my subjects. This is a feeling I find very important to capture, as it represents my own vulnerability in my life and my work. My subjects often juxtapose innocence with confidence when embracing their identities as sexual beings. This portrayal purposefully contradicts the prevailing notion that those engaged in the kink scene and sex industry are mere sexual deviants. Instead, it reveals their vulnerability and the strength they possess within that.  


I see each of my photographs as a story. One which fearlessly embraces freedom within sexuality and taboos and creates a fantasy world for us all to exist in. I use a combination of vivid colours and soft feminine tones to bring these stories to life. The purpose of which is to display a sense of unapologetic sensuality, intertwined with a youthful and flirtatious touch that mirrors my own character. Every detail has been carefully curated to make the image more vivid and offer an escape from society’s preconceived opinions.


My artistic journey is a deliberate step toward a more ethical and respectful world for the people I stand with. I am committed to redefining perceptions of sexually liberated individuals and replacing judgement with nuanced perspective, respect and celebration.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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